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Sara Plus Standing Sling

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Varenummer: KKA5120
SVB: 190 kg/418 lbs
Størrelser: S, M, L, XL
Kompatible lifte:
Sara Plus

Varenummer - Produktbeskrivelse
KKA5120-S - Sara Plus ståsejl S
KKA5120-M - Sara Plus ståsejl M
KKA5120-L - Sara Plus ståsejl L
KKA5120-XL - Sara Plus ståsejl XL

Sara Plus Active Slings Instructions for use

Kategori: Instructions for use

Filnavn: 04.SG.00-INT2_5.pdf

Type: PDF

Størrelse: 1,83 Mb

[ML(AR, CS, DA, ES, NO, PT, SV) for AE, BR, CZ, DK, NO, PT, ES, SE]

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