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Amigo™ - top loading flusher disinfector

The Amigo is a top-loaded flusher disinfector which can also be used as a convenient slop basin, playing a dual role in your infection control system.

Amigo not only cleans and disinfects a wide range of circulation goods such as urine bottles and bedpans, but also acts an emptying point for all kinds of receptacles.

A top-loaded unit designed for counter-height access, with its front lower than the rear creating wider access when the top lid is open, Amigo is easy to load, empty and monitor.
Designed for easy access
Top-loaded design for counter-height access, with a slanted front that creates wider access when top lid is open, for easy loading and emptying. Deepdrawn chamber design accommodates larger receptacles.

Available as wall-mounted or free-standing units, both modules offer free space under the machine for access to perform floor cleaning.

Supports touch-free operation
Foot pedal opens or closes the lid and can be used to activate the most frequently used program, supporting touch-free operation to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

Integrated slop basin
Serves as a convenient slop basin and efficiently empties receptacles of various sizes.

Rim flush activates at the press of a button.

Thorough cleaning and disinfection
Strategically distributed rotating injector nozzles reach and clean receptacles inside and out. Thermal steam disinfection is injected through all cleaning nozzles, which are strategically located to reach inside and around receptacles.

Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) feature automatically disinfects the internal pipe and nozzle system. At the end of the cleaning and disinfection cycle, the lid automatically opens approximately 10cm for faster drying and cooling.

Other functional features
Optional turning device automatically inverts receptacles to empty them, reducing the need for manual emptying.

Compatible with wide range of accessories, Arjo Liquids Flusher Rinse, and Arjo Liquids Flusher Detergent.
Weight and dimensions
Flusher A Free Standing
Measurements (W x D x H) mm 590 x 660 x 1060 mm
Measurements (W x D x H) inch 23.23 x 26 x 41.7 in
Weight kg 85 kg
Weight lb 187,4 lb
Flusher B Wall Mounted
Measurements (W x D x H) mm 590 x 660 x 1060 mm
Measurements (W x D x H) inch 23.23 x 26 x 41.7 in
Weight kg 85 kg
Weight lb 187,4 lb
Flusher C Under Counter
Measurements (W x D x H) mm 590 x 660 x 1060 mm
Measurements (W x D x H) inch 23.23 x 26 x 41.7 in
Weight kg 85 kg
Weight lb 187,4 lb
Chamber volume Litre 70 L
Utility requirements
Electrical connection L1: 230V, 1N+PE, 50 Hz, 1x20A, 4.3kW L2: 230V, 3N+PE, 50Hz, 1x16A, 5.5kW L3: 400V, 3N+PE, 50Hz, 3x10A, 5.5kW
Cold water connection 15mm, 100-800 kPa, 20 litre/min flow
Hot water connection 15mm, 100-800 kPa, 20 litre/min flow
Steam connection 15mm, 30-300kPa, 0.3kg/cycle
Drain connection Ø 90 or 110mm
Operating conditions
Room temperature celcius 5-40°C
Air humidity <80% at 31°C
Max surface temperature celcius 40°C
Noise level 59 dB
Energy consumption 0.16 kWh/cycle
Water consumption Economy program 18 litres/cycle ±10% Normal program 29 litres/cycle ±10% Intensive program 36 litres/cycle ±10% Cooling approx. 3 litres
External steam consumption 0.3 kg/cycle

Amigo Quick reference guide

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Amigo Brochure 8 Page

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Flusher QRGs

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