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With a goal to deliver higher value and efficiency and enable the company to respond more quickly to customer needs, Arjo underwent many efficiency improvements to streamline its production structure. Most notably, between 2008 to 2013, Arjo unified its 15 production facilities to 6 key global locations. In 2013, Arjo completed the integration of its Therapeutic Support Systems (TSS).

This period was followed by a time of challenging market conditions, including pricing pressures and a sharply declining rental market in the United States. The effect of these market changes are still felt in recent years, hence improved efficiency and the ability to nimbly adapt to market changes has become a vital strategic asset for Arjo.

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At Arjo, we are dedicated, through our products and knowledge-spreading activities, to improve the everyday lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. Throughout our 60 years of contact with all aspects of nursing worldwide we have gained a vast amount of insights and experience.
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At Arjo we help create safer and more efficient healthcare environments. From patient handling and mobilization to hygiene and pressure ulcer prevention, we offer a range of solutions designed to help you meet the new and continually evolving challenges of today’s acute care and long term care settings.