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Download the AirPal whitepaper: An evaluation of lateral patient transfer devices; caregiver ergonomics


The lifting and transferring of patients play a pivotal role in caregiver’s health and musculoskeletal injury risk, which can impact turnover and lead to staffing shortages. This risk of injury has increased with the rising number of plus size patients seeking healthcare.​

In an ergonomic testing of 3 different air-assisted solutions, AirPal received the highest (best) rating of all systems by the users for performance and comfort and was ranked highest (most preferred) overall. The AirPal system was also rated as requiring the lowest level of physical exertion to use (most favorable) for a majority of body parts.​

Download your free copy of An evaluation of lateral patient transfer systems; caregiver ergonomics

This whitepaper shows that: ​

1-  Air Assisted Lateral Transfer systems significantly reduce the physiologic and biomechanical demands of lateral transfer. ​

2-  AirPal received the highest (best) rating of all AALT systems by the users for performance and comfort and was ranked highest (most preferred) overall.