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RT24 & RT2 Offerings

Discover our wide range of RT solutions including ICU beds, 

mattresses designed to manage and prevent pressure injuries,

gynae and birthing solutions, patient stretchers, examination

couches as well as overbed tables.

Explore Our Comprehensive Offerings

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Medical Beds Solutions


  • Electric bed, 3 Section
  • Electric bed, 4 Section
  • Multifunction bed, Citadel
  • ICU bed, C 4DS 08
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Foam Mattress Solutions


  • Hospital bed mattress
  • Pressure mattress
  • Durafoam trolley mattress
  • Mattress covers
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Alternating Pressure Mattresses


  • Pressure relief overlay with pump, Alpha Active 3
  • Pressure relief mattress system pump, Alpha Active 4
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Gynaecology Solutions


  • Gynae Examination Chair
  • Delivery bed, electric
  • Delivery bed mattress & cover
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Bedside Furniture


  • HT110 Wood overbed table
  • HT110 ABS overbed table

Off Tender


  • Paediatric bed
  • Child Cot
  • Convertible chair
  • Bedside locker LP110
  • Patient trolley stretcher 

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  • RT24-2021
  • RT24-1-2021
  • RT2-1-2021

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