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Positive Eight

The Positive Eight philosophy visualises the potential positive domino effects arising from maintaining or improving a person’s mobility. We strive to empower care facilities with the right prerequisites to work according to the Positive Eight philosophy.

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Mobility Gallery

The Arjo Mobility Gallery is an assessment and communication tool, based on 5 levels of mobility from A-E. This tool was initially developed for the long-term care environment to improve assessment and communication related to resident functional mobility and the impact it has on the delivery of care.



Welcome to join our global webinars hosted by professionals in the field, to which we are discussing hot topics, risks and practical interventions that can enable you and your team in the quest of delivering good quality care.

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Arjo Blog

Arjo’s overall vision is to become the most trusted mobility outcomes partner. Our blog contains articles about how we’re working to solve some of the world’s biggest health challenges for the patient, the caregiver, and the ones who help design care facilities.

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