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Mobility Gallery

The Arjo Mobility Gallery is an assessment and communication tool, based on 5 levels of mobility from A-E. This tool was initially developed for the long-term care environment to improve assessment and communication related to resident functional mobility and the impact it has on the delivery of care.

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Each level of mobility is personified in the characters Albert, Barbara, Carl, Doris and Emma. The image in the centre of the circle represents the functional level of mobility of the resident or patient, from independent to dependant, whilst the different colours represent the potential risk to the caregiver when providing assistance without the suitable equipment. Understanding how your resident or patient can contribute to their mobility, as well as safeguarding caregivers from injuries is essential in helping to find the right equipment and care processes to facilitate or maintain mobility.

The Mobility Gallery builds trust by…

Assessing mobility levels

The Mobility Gallery uses five colour coded icons to communicate the level of functional mobility of the patient/resident from independent to dependent.

Visualising risks

The Mobility Gallery enables you to visualise risk through the coloured circles. These communicate the potential risk of physical overload to a caregiver using the ‘traffic light’ risk scale, where green is a low risk and red is high risk.

Identifying opportunities for improving/maintaining mobility:

The Mobility Gallery enables you to identify the correct equipment to promote mobility
and improvement or maintenance of function and mobility.

Pinpointing quality care solutions:

The Mobility Gallery can help assess the correct equipment to promote functional mobility in daily tasks and transfers.

Evaluating facility outcomes

The Mobility Gallery can help to Identify type and volume of equipment needed to promote efficient workflows and outcomes.

Strategic planning

Understanding the different patient/resident functional levels with the help of the Mobility Gallery, can assist in guiding the Arjo research and development team on future planning.
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Empowering Movement

People are made to move, and we believe that empowering movement within healthcare is the key to quality care. This helps the healing, dignity and independence of patients, and the confidence and overall well-being of carers. The Mobility Gallery enables assessment of an individual’s level of mobility in acute, long term, bariatric and special care, and its impact on the quality of care.