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Hygiene solutions

Hygiene is an essential part of wellbeing. Arjo integrated Hygiene and Wellness Solutions enable you to deliver a tailored and therapeutic experience for dependent residents and patients, helping you improve wellbeing and efficiency in your care environment.

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Maintaining hygiene is an important element of quality of life

A well-assisted hygiene routine contributes to comfort, safety, well-being and dignity of the individual.¹ It promotes relaxation whilst maximizing wellness in addition to cleaning. Our Hygiene and wellness solutions allows the caregiver and the residents to have a choice that best suits the functional mobility needs and individual preference.

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Making hygiene routines safer and easier for caregivers

Since the creation of Arjo over sixty years ago, improving the hygiene care experience for patients, residents and caregivers has been at the very heart of what we do.

Without access to appropriate equipment, hygiene care can be hazardous as static overload and physical strain puts caregivers at risk of injury.² Our solutions offer options to reduce this risk and at the same time save valuable time.³

Clinical brochure

Clinical decision making for hygiene and wellness

We recognise that clinical decision making is complex and should be based upon the best available evidence. We invite you to review this clinical resource providing examples of evidence supporting the use of hygiene and bathing solutions.


You can download the Clinical Evidence summary.

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Accessories to support comfort and dignity

Arjo Hygiene Comfort collection are accessories designed to enable the caregiver to tailor the level of comfort and dignity during hygiene routines, ensuring a person-centred care approach.


Read our Clinical Focus document on Comfort and dignity in hygiene care.


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Hygiene solutions benefits everyone

Did you know that 5.2 hours can be saved daily using height adjustable hygiene equipment and without the right equipment, caregivers are also often at risk of injury.¹ ³ ⁴ ⁶

Using height-adjustable and ergonomic solutions gives you the time for other activities, create opportunities for wellness and generate cost-savings.

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Enable one-to-one care in sound working postures

For everyday hygiene needs we offer a wide selection of showering solutions to enable one-to-one interaction with your patient or resident whilst working in an ergonomically sound position.

Our range of showering chairs and trolleys are designed for quality, efficiency, comfort and dignity across mobility levels that also preserve caregiver safety and time.

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Reducing caregiver risk during assisted bathing

Bathing has been recognised as a pleasurable relaxing experience for centuries. Bathing is a basis for hygiene, in addition it can promote a sense of well-being. A warm bath can relax both muscles and mind.⁵

Bathing is becoming even more important for individuals with impaired mobility and cognitive function. During the bathing process the resident or patient can be encouraged to take part and wash as much of himself as possible. This provides an opportunity to help maintain dignity and a level of independence.

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Hygiene lifters - for transfer during the bathing routine

Using a bath lifter to reduce the risk for the resident or patient falling and to avoid strain on the staff is to be recommended in most cases. Our bathing solutions are fully integrated with a wide range of bath lifters, mobility and lifting aids, allowing you to transport residents and patients from bed or wheelchair into the bath and back again.

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How can slower hygiene routines make your job safer and faster?

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3 simple details for a more relaxed bathing experience

View our products for assisted care

A bathing solution should offer flexibility to choose the right bath for patients and residents of all mobility levels and size requirements. View videos how to use some of our products.


Assisted bathing solutions to meet the needs of all mobility levels.


Height-adjustable bath lift chair


Height-adjustable powered bath lift trolley

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The Maxi Sky® 2 Series is part of the Arjo's ever-evolving Maxi Sky® range

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