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Flowtron DVT

Uniform compression

Compliance begins with comfort

With comfortable, premium fabrics making the patient more inclined to wear the garments during therapy, Flowtron addresses the core challenge of comfort in VTE prevention. Proven comfortable, Flowtron garments promote effective prevention and improved patient outcome. ¹⁻³

1. Arjo Independent Test Data on File. Tri Pulse: water vapour resistance, thermal resistance (single plate method), drying time, liquid wicking rate and water vapour permeability testing. September 2019. Test report E-008677/C.
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- Extensive range of foot, calf and thigh garments addressing a wide range of patient types, and caregiver needs and preferences.

- Lightweight, breathable fabric helps prevent the build-up of heat and moisture (Ellis J. The textile properties of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) garments: a factor in patient compliance with Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) systems. Arjo Whitepaper. March 2019. Arjo.A00096.1.0.INT.EN)

- Simple and robust Velcro® closures helping to promote effective therapy by providing a secure and snug fit
- Clear visual instructions printed on the garment for ease of use and safety in application (Arjo Data on File: Formative Evaluation Report 100082820. December 2019)

DVT  calf and calf & thigh garments are available in a variety of sizes ranging from standard to bariatric. The foot garments are also available in 2 sizes.


Calf and calf & thigh garments inflate at a pressure at 40 mmHg with a cycle time of 12 seconds inflate and 48 seconds deflate.
Foot garments inflate at a pressure at 130 mmHg with a cycle time of  3 seconds inflate and 27 seconds deflate x 2 per inflation cycle.


Ordering Information

CodeProduct DescriptionQuantity per Carton
DVT5Small Calf Garment
(up to 360 mm/14" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT10Standard Calf Garment*
(up to 430 mm/17" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT20Large Calf Garment
(up to 580 mm/23" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT30Standard Thigh Garment*
(up to 710 mm/28" thigh circumference)
10 pairs
DVT40Large Thigh Garment
(up to 890 mm/35" thigh circumference)
10 pairs
DVT60LExtra Large Bariatric Fit™ Calf Garment
(up to 810 mm, 32" calf circumference)
10 pairs
FG100Regular Foot Garment*
(up to shoe size 7 (UK), 40 (Euro)
(up to female shoe size 9 (US)
(up to male shoe size 7 (US)
10 singles
FG200Large Foot Garment*
(shoe size 7½ or above (UK), 41 (Euro)
(female shoe size 9½ or above (US)
(male shoe size 7½ or above (US)
10 singles


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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.