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Flowtron DVT



シンプルで効果的なDVT予防 FlowtronポンプとArjoのカフを使用した圧迫療法は、脚の深部静脈の血流を促し、静脈鬱滞を抑制し、深部静脈血栓症(DVT)の発症予防に役立つ簡単な方法です。さらに、患者様に快適さと臨床的有効性を提供するように設計されたポンプは、1台に多くの利便性を備えています1,2。

快適さとコンプライアンス 軽量で通気性のある素材を使用したカフ1は、熱や湿気の蓄積のない快適さを提供します。


1. Morris & Woodcock (2004) AofS; 239(2):162-171. 2. Morris, Giddings, Ralis et al. (2006) J0VS; 44(5): 1039-1045. 3. Formative Evaluation Report 100082820
ACS900使用時はカフを自動認識。Flowtron Excelに対応した下腿および大腿用カフ。優れた通気性の快適な素材1。面ファスナー5カ所で固定 滅菌カフと非滅菌カフを選択可能。シングルペイシェントユース。シングルチューブ付きユニフォームブラダー。

1. Ellis J. (2019) The textile properties of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Garments: A Factor in patient compliance with intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) systems. Arjo Whitepaper, March 2019. Arjo.A00096.1.0.INT.EN

DVT  calf and calf & thigh garments are available in a variety of sizes ranging from standard to bariatric. The foot garments are also available in 2 sizes.


Calf and calf & thigh garments inflate at a pressure at 40 mmHg with a cycle time of 12 seconds inflate and 48 seconds deflate.
Foot garments inflate at a pressure at 130 mmHg with a cycle time of  3 seconds inflate and 27 seconds deflate x 2 per inflation cycle.


Ordering Information

CodeProduct DescriptionQuantity per Carton
DVT10Standard Calf Garment*
(up to 43 cm/17" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT20Large Calf Garment
(up to 58 cm/23" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT30Standard Thigh Garment*
(up to 71 cm/28" thigh circumference)
10 pairs
DVT40Large Thigh Garment
(up to 89 cm/35" thigh circumference)
10 pairs
DVT60LExtra Large Bariatric Fit™ Calf Garment
(up to 81 cm, 32" calf circumference)
10 pairs
FG100Regular Foot Garment*
(up to shoe size 7 (UK), 40 (Euro)
(up to female shoe size 9 (US)
(up to male shoe size 7 (US)
10 singles
FG200Large Foot Garment*
(shoe size 7½ or above (UK), 41 (Euro)
(female shoe size 9½ or above (US)
(male shoe size 7½ or above (US)
10 singles

* Sterilised option available

Flowtron ACS900 DVT/TRP Tempu Bunsho

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