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幅広い患者層や介助者のニーズに対応する多様なカフ( 足底、下腿、大腿用)を揃え、効果的なDVT予防を実現します。


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DVT  calf and calf & thigh garments are available in a variety of sizes ranging from standard to bariatric. The foot garments are also available in 2 sizes.


Calf and calf & thigh garments inflate at a pressure at 40 mmHg with a cycle time of 12 seconds inflate and 48 seconds deflate.
Foot garments inflate at a pressure at 130 mmHg with a cycle time of  3 seconds inflate and 27 seconds deflate x 2 per inflation cycle.


Ordering Information

CodeProduct DescriptionQuantity per Carton
DVT10Standard Calf Garment*
(up to 43 cm/17" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT20Large Calf Garment
(up to 58 cm/23" calf circumference)
10 pairs
DVT30Standard Thigh Garment*
(up to 71 cm/28" thigh circumference)
10 pairs
DVT40Large Thigh Garment
(up to 89 cm/35" thigh circumference)
10 pairs
DVT60LExtra Large Bariatric Fit™ Calf Garment
(up to 81 cm, 32" calf circumference)
10 pairs
FG100Regular Foot Garment*
(up to shoe size 7 (UK), 40 (Euro)
(up to female shoe size 9 (US)
(up to male shoe size 7 (US)
10 singles
FG200Large Foot Garment*
(shoe size 7½ or above (UK), 41 (Euro)
(female shoe size 9½ or above (US)
(male shoe size 7½ or above (US)
10 singles

* Sterilised option available

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