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Flowtron DVT

Lightweight, breathable IPC calf garments for DVT prevention 1

Effective DVT prevention with an extensive range of foot, calf and thigh garments addressing a wide range of patient types,
and caregiver needs and preferences.

With comfortable, premium fabrics making the patient more inclined to wear the garments during therapy, Flowtron addresses the core challenge of comfort in VTE prevention. Proven comfortable, Flowtron garments promote effective prevention and improved patient outcome. ¹⁻³

1. Arjo Independent Test Data on File. Tri Pulse: water vapor resistance, thermal resistance (single plate method), drying time, liquid wicking rate and water vapor permeability testing. September 2019. Test report E-008677/C.
2. Kucher N, Koo S, Quiroz R et al. Electronic alerts to prevent venous thromboembolism among hospitalized patients. N Engl J Med. 2005; 352:969-
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• New manufacturing and packaging process
Less material use and reduced scrap in garment manufacturing and packaging
• New polybag material
Higher quality, fully recyclable and easier to open
• User instructions printed on polybag /
Application guide printed on garment
Improved legibility, ease of use and safety
• Elimination of paper format IFU
Preservation of our environment and forests by less paper waste

DVT  calf and calf & thigh garments are available in a variety of sizes ranging from standard to bariatric. The foot garments are also available in 2 sizes.

The Flowtron ACS900 pump should only be used with the following garments:

Calf Garments

Order CodeTypeCalf CircumferenceTherapy
DVT5Small Calf GarmentUp to 14”Uniform
DVT10Standard Calf GarmentUp to 17”Uniform
DVT10SStandard Calf Garment (Sterile)Up to 17”Uniform
L501-MStandard Calf GarmentUp to 17”Uniform
DVT20Large Calf GarmentUp to 23”Uniform
DVT60LBariatric Calf GarmentUp to 32”Uniform
TRP10Regular Calf GarmentUp to 17”Sequential
TRP20Large Calf GarmentUp to 23”Sequential
TRP60LBariatric Calf GarmentUp to 32”Sequential

Thigh Garments

Order CodeTypeThigh CircumferenceTherapy
DVT30Standard Thigh GarmentUp to 28”Uniform
DVT30SStandard Thigh Garment (Sterile)Up to 28”Uniform
L503-MStandard Thigh GarmentUp to 28”Uniform
DVT40Large Thigh GarmentUp to 35”Uniform
TRP30Regular Thigh GarmentUp to 28”Sequential
TRP40Large Thigh GarmentUp to 35”Sequential

Foot Garments

Order CodeTypeShoe SizeTherapy
FG100Foot Garment - RegularWomen up to size 9; Men up to size 7Uniform
FG100SFoot Garment - Regular (Sterile)Women up to size 9; Men up to size 7Uniform
FG200Foot Garment - LargeWomen size 9½ or above;
Men size 7½ or above
FG200SFoot Garment - Large (Sterile)Women size 9½ or above;
Men size 7½ or above

Tri Pulse TRP10 ML Instructions for use 314900ML

Category: Instructions for use

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Type: PDF

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[ML(EN, KO, TH, VI) for AU, CA, INT, KR, NZ, TH, GB, US, VN]

Tri Pulse TRP30 ML Instructions for use 314902ML

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 314902CEE1_04 Flowtron TRP30 IFU.pdf

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Tri Pulse TRP20 ML Instructions for use 314901ML

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 314901SEA_04 Flowtron TRP20 IFU.pdf

Type: PDF

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Tri Pulse TRP60L ML Instructions for use 314904ML

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File name: 314904LAA_04 Flowtron TRP60L IFU.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.32 Mb

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.