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Flowtron ACS900

The right therapy with every connection

Reduce the risk of VTE in your facility by tailoring therapy with the Flowtron ACS900 pump and SmartSense Automatic Garment Recognition technology.

Active compression tailored to individual needs
Designed to give you freedom of choice, the Flowtron system offers both uniform and sequential modes in one easy-to-use pump.

Flowtron® ACS900
A single pump that offers both uniform and sequential compression via a variety of garment types, reducing the need to have multiple pump models in the facility. The easy-to-use Flowtron ACS900 makes it simple to tailor VTE prevention with one pump covering all therapy needs.

SmartSense Automatic Garment Recognition
Arjo’s patented garment detection technology automatically sets the correct pressure and compression cycle, without the need for any additional user intervention. Simply attach the snap-lock connectors to the Flowtron ACS900 pump and the system easily and safely does the rest.
Reduce the risk of VTE in your facility by tailoring therapy with the Flowtron ACS900 pump and SmartSense Automatic Garment Recognition technology.

Smart and adaptive
SmartSense Automatic Garment Recognition together with one-button start, making Flowtron a true plug-and play solution that is easy to set up and operate. The
integrated battery ensures uninterrupted therapy, e.g. during transportation.¹ ²

Foot, Calf and Thigh
A variety of garment types and sizes ensuring effective and comfortable³ ⁴ therapy for all patients. The system allows for a combination of different garment types to be used simultaneously.

Alarms and indicators
Advanced alarms – including visual indicators allowing operation to be clearly seen from any direction – and real-time pressure indication designed to limit the risk of operator error and potential patient harm, for safety and caregiver peace of mind.

Compliance monitoring
On-screen compliance monitor via the integrated therapy time display, recording for how long therapy has been delivered, designed to aid concordance and provide data that can be recorded in the patient journal.

Fixed tubesets
Ready for therapy at all times with fixed tubesets preventing disconnection and loss of tubing, hence eliminating the inconvenience and cost of replacements.

Integrated Cable Management System
Integrated Cable Management System aiding tubeset and power cord management in the clinical area, and during transportation and storage, promoting caregiver convenience as well as patient safety.¹ ² ⁵

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Model - Flowtron® ACS900 Active Compression System

Compression - Uniform and Sequential; Calf, Thigh and Foot

Variants - Standard length tubeset 7ft; Extended length tubeset 13ft

Further specifications can be found in the Instructions For Use (IFU).

ACS900 Standard
ACS900 OR (Operating Room)
Type of compression Uniform or Sequential Calf, Calf/Thigh, Foot
Uniform: 40 ± 5 mmHg
Sequential: 45 ± 5 mmHg
Foot: 130 ± 10 mmHg
Compression cycle Uniform/Sequential: 12 sec. inflation; 48 sec. deflation
Foot: 3 sec. inflation; 27 sec. deflation
ACS900 standard tube length 2.1m/7ft
ACS900 OR tube length 4.0m/13ft
Battery type 14.4V, 2600mAh. Lithium Ion pack
Power 100V-230V, 50-60Hz, 10-40VA
Pump size H230 x W226 x D196mm / 9.1 x 8.9 x 7.7in
Weight 3.8kg/8.5lb


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