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Strap Stretcher

Able to raise a patient in a fully supine position, without needing to move or turn them, the strap stretcher offers full access and visual contact for hygiene and wound care. The ability to remove a strap while in use assists in accessing hard to reach places.

Raise immobile patients without turning or rolling

Effective lifting and transfer of an immobilized patient
The Arjo Strap Stretcher is specifically designed to lift a patient or resident in a supine position in hospital environments and Long Term Care (LTC). This product is also intended for assisted lateral transfer of patients or residents from a bed and stretcher.

The Arjo Strap Stretcher should be used in combination with the Arjo stretcher frame, with Maxi Sky 2 or Maxi Move Passive lift.

360 degree patient access
The Arjo Strap Stretcher allows caregivers access to hard to reach areas of patients who need to remain immobilized, for hygiene tasks, inspection and wound care.
Assembled around the patient without the need for turning or rolling from the supine position.

The Arjo strap stretcher can be pulled apart for storage, built to be packed away in the supplied bag.

Insertion tool included to support cross strap placement.

Possible to access underneath the patient by removing one cross strap in the relevant area for cleaning and wound care.

Simple to use buckle system and good access to buckle lever for caregivers to operate

Dual loop attachment straps and positioners for stability.

Head end of the stretcher easily identified by blue markings.
Weight and dimensions
Safe Working Load kg 227 kg
Safe Working Load lb 500 lb
Total weight kg 13,4 kg
Total weight lb 28,7 lb
Length mm 1959 mm
Length in 77 1/8 in
Width (inside frame) mm 26 2/5 in
Width (inside frame) in 670 mm
Width (outer frame) mm 788 mm
Width (outer frame) in 31 in
Product Combinations
Associated Lifting Devices Maxi Sky 2 and stretcher frame & Maxi Move and stretcher frame
Associated Stretcher Frames 700-15695 and 700-19522 (Maxi Sky 2) & 700-19302 (Maxi Move)


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