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MaxiSlide Flites

MaxiSlide Flites are patient/resident-specific tubular slides and flat sheets with built-in handles.

• Cross-contamination prevention
As a patient-specific product, MaxiSlide Flites offer a solution for
busy care environments concerned about reducing
cross-contamination. Every sliding aid comes individually wrapped
in a heat-sealed plastic bag. The product is not designed to be
• Prevent caregiver injuries by reducing physical effort
Assisted in-bed repositioning tasks expose caregivers and
patients at risk of injury. Our MaxiSlide Flites are made from a
high-strength, latex-free, low-friction material enabling multidirectional
movement within the bed for a variety of repositioning
tasks. Use of slide sheets for in-bed repositioning has shown to
reduce caregiver exposure to excessive push and pull forces in
addition to reduce injury to patients associated with shear and
friction when repositioning without slide sheets.1
All MaxiSlide Flites are full bed length, which eliminates the need
for additional tubes and flat sheets

Each MaxiSlide Flite has a tag to write the patient’s name on and a green water-soluble label, which will
dissolve if the sheet is laundered, offering you a visible indication when not to use the sheet.

The disposable pull straps can be attached
to the sheets for lateral transfers avoiding
caregivers having to overreach, thereby
reducing the risk of injury.
The built-in reinforced handles offer
to hold during patient transfers.

The MaxiSlide Flites come in three different colour coded widths with pull straps as an optional accessory. The MaxiTube Flites come in two different colour coded widths.

Weight and dimensions
Product A MaxiSlide Flite
Length mm 1960 mm
Length in 77 in
Width mm 760 mm
Width in 30 in
Product B MaxiSlide Flite XL
Length mm 1960 mm
Length in 77 in
Width mm 1140 mm
Width in 45 in
Product C MaxiSlide Flite XXL
Length mm 1960 mm
Length in 77 in
Width mm 1520 mm
Width in 60 in
Product D Pull straps
Length mm 800 mm
Length in 31 1/5 in
Width mm 40 mm
Width in 1 1/2 in
Product E MaxiTube Half Flite
Length mm 980 mm
Length in 39 in
Width mm 980 mm
Width in 39 in
Product F MaxiTube Flite
Length mm 1960 mm
Length in 77 in
Width mm 760 mm
Width in 30 in
Product G MaxiTube Flite XL
Length mm 1960 mm
Length in 77 in
Width mm 1155 mm
Width in 45 1/2 in


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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.