Sara Flex

It’s the details that make every following transfer, whether it be to a wheelchair, the toilet, a shower chair or early mobilisation following surgery, a positive experience.

Optimised patient support

•Promotes comfort and security throughout and at the completion of the sit-to-stand movement

Easy to use with enhanced manoeuvrability

•Delivers enhanced manoeuvrability and requires no adjustment, ensuring ease of use

Comprehensive patient coverage

•Enables one caregiver to perform sit-to-stand tasks for a wide range of patients in the Carl mobility spectrum.

Flexible silicone leg support

  • Requiring no adjustment, the larger surface caters to the needs of a broader range of patients while delivering optimized comfort1
  • Curved design with a larger, soft and flexible surface supports the legs and knees throughout the sit-to-stand movement

Flexible silicone leg strap

  • Low placement and multiple adjustment options
  • Enhanced adaptability for a broad range of body types and sizes
  • Ensures patients can be comfortably positioned from a seated-to-standing position1

Ergonomic forward movement

  • Forward movement, in combination with the flexible leg support, enables an ergonomic and comfortable sit-to-stand movement1

Small and light

  • Keeps Sara Flex at an optimal size that is non-intrusive and suited to the needs of patients that may otherwise be intimidated by bulky or cumbersome handling equipment
  • Designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, ensuring vulnerable patients remain calm during the sit-to-stand transfer

Low footplate with horizontal position

  • Facilitates an ergonomic sit-to-stand movement that is specifically designed to feel smooth and natural for the patient2
  • Enables easy foot placement while supporting and enhancing the sit-to-stand movement

Easy-to-use hand control with display

  • Ensures the sit-to-stand task is quick, minimally exertive and hassle-free
  • Ensures caregivers can work closely with their patient and intuitively read weight or maneuver the lift

Patient handle

  • Easy-to-grasp and angled patient handle helps ensure comfortable positioning of hands, wrists and elbows throughout the sit-to-stand movement

Caregiver handle

  • Flexible grip with intuitive ergonomic efficiency



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  2. Data on file.

Product Information

Max safe working load200 kg  (440 lbs)
Weighing capacity200 kg  (440 lbs)
Weight52 kg  (114,5 lbs)
Weight with scale53,6 kg  (118 lbs)
Total length996 mm (39 1/4")
Min lifting height991 mm (39")
Max lifting height1518 mm (59 3/4")
Total height1162 mm (45 /4")
Height of chassis100,5 mm (4")
External width legs closed660 mm  (26")
External width legs open1029 mm (40 1/2")
Battery24V DC 4Ah
Lifter protection classIP24
Handcontrol protection classIPX7
Low fricton castors, the rear two with breaks 
Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) - displays remaining power and indicates when the battery needs charging 
Service meter - displays the total motor usage time 
Emergency stop and system failure override 


Integrated scale 


EN/IEC 60601-1 (TÜV SÜD) 
EN ISO 10535:2006 (TÜV SÜD) 

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.