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Arjo Sound

Bath additive for Hydrosound.

Arjo Sound is formulated to enhance the cleansing effects of our Hydrosound cleaning therapy by helping to solubilize and disperse oil and dirt, while preventing them from redepositing on the skin or bath.

Arjo Sound also contains an antimicrobial agent for the prevention of bacterial growth and other odor suppression ingredients.

Contains skin conditioners and natural eucalyptus oil.
Formulated to help solubilize and disperse oil and dirt, enhancing the effects of the Hydrosound action, and to help prevent them from redepositing on the skin or bath.

Arjo Sound’s added conditioners, including natural eucalyptus oil, create a gentle moisturizing effect.

Antimicrobial and anti-odor
Arjo Sound contains an antimicrobial agent to help prevent bacterial growth, as well as ingredients that help to control odor.

Biodegradable formulation. Comes in recyclable packaging.

Arjo Sound SDS

Category: Safety Data Sheet

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