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Arjo Sound

An advanced formula for an advanced bathing concept

This bath additive also contains an effective antimicrobial agent for the prevention of bacterial growth and other odour supression ingredients.

Enhances the cleansing effects of Hydrosound

It solubilizes and disperses oil and dirt, removed by the Hydrosound action, and prevents them from redepositing on the skin or bath.

Moisturising effect

It enhances the moisturising effects of the Hydrosound bath. Arjo Sound's added conditioners complement the gentle ultrasonic massaging action.

Effective antimicrobial

Arjo Sound contains an antimicrobial agent and ingredients that control odour.

Eucalyptus oil

Natural eucalyptus oil has also been added to the formulation.

  • Arjo Sound water conditioner enhances the cleaning and moisturising effects of Hydrosound
  • Contains an effective antimicrobial
  • Contains eucalyptus oil

Technical information


This product does not contain any harmful substances and does not require classification under EC regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).
Major hazardous properties:
The product may irritate eyes and mucous membranes.

Composition/ ingredients

SubstancesCAS-NoWeight %Symbol/R-phrases
Hazardous substances  
Other substances  
Polysorbat 209005-64-530-60-
Propylene glycol57-55-61-3-
Eucalyptus oil8000-48-40,15-
DMDM Hydantoin6440-58-00,15-
Water-up to 100 %-

First aid measures

IngestionDrink large quantities of water, call for medical assistance if symptoms arise.
InhalationSeek fresh air if symptoms arise.
In eyesRemove any contact lenses, rinse with lukewarm water for a few minutes, and seek medical attention if symptoms arise.

Fire safety

This product is not flammable.
Fire extinguishersAdapt to surrounding conditions/material.
Personal precautionsWear suitable personal protection clothing and use oxygen mask.

Accidental spillage

Personal precautionsPrevent contact with eyes.
Environmental precautionCollect and contain spilled material in a chemical sorbent (e.g. kiselguhr, sawdust). Small quantities may be rinsed with water.

Handling and storage

Store at room temperature.

Exposure/ personal protection

See section 7.

Physical and chemical properties

Appearanceclear liquid
pH value7.0
Flash pointnone
Solubility in water100% organic solvents


Acute effectssee section 3
Ingestionsee section 3
Inhalationsee section 3
Skin contactsee section 3
In eyessee section 3

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.