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About us

The human body is made to move. Research shows that there is a clear link between mobility and people’s physical and mental well-being. At Arjo, we believe that high quality of care and positive clinical outcomes begin by maintaining or improving a patient’s mobility.

Increasing a patient’s mobility during the healthcare process helps decrease unnecessary suffering. This can include loss of muscle strength, blood clots, bedsores, and increased risk of falls, as well as anxiety and depression. By supporting patients maintain their mobility using modern equipment, these complications can be avoided, with improved self-esteem as a result. 

For many years, Arjo has worked in close collaboration with care homes and healthcare professionals, providing a unique understanding of the challenges that exist in the healthcare sector. We strive to support healthcare facilities in applying their highest professional skills, enable the development of effective care processes, and provide equipment that improves patient mobility while reducing the risk of work-related injuries. Arjo’s approach contributes to improved quality of care and enhanced efficiency, resulting in reduced healthcare costs.

Arjo's Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2019

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Our ambition is to develop an efficient and sustainable healthcare system that contributes to a positive development in society.

Sustainability activities are primarily driven in four focus areas: environmental impact, quality and regulatory compliance, employees and society, and business ethics.

Read more about Arjo’s sustainability agenda here