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About Us

Mobility drives healthier outcomes

The power of movement

Research shows that there is a clear connection between mobility and people’s physical and mental well-being. Creating the best opportunities for mobility is therefore at the very core of providing high-quality care. We have seen how empowering movement can quickly improve both clinical and financial outcomes. As a leading specialist in the field, we work continuously to promote mobility – with the aim of contributing to better healthcare. 

Annual Report 2022

Read our Annual and Sustainability Report 2022 here.

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Arjo in brief

- Founded in 1957 by Arne Johansson, in Eslöv, Sweden. The head office is located in Malmö, Sweden
- Joacim Lindoff is President & CEO
- Approximately 6,500 employees worldwide
- Net sales amounted to SEK 9,070 M in 2021
- Arjo’s products and services are sold in over 100 countries


Our offering

Our offering includes products and solutions for patient transfers, hygiene, disinfection, prevention of pressure injuries and deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) and for diagnostics. We also offer medical beds and various services, such as training in connection with product sales.


Our ambition is to develop an efficient and sustainable healthcare system that contributes to a positive development in society. Sustainability activities are primarily driven in four focus areas: environmental impact, quality and regulatory compliance, employees and society, and business ethics.

Arjo's sustainability agenda


Corporate governance

La corporate governance di Arjo si fonda sulla normativa svedese, sullo Statuto di Arjo, sullo Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (il "Codice") e sul Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers, nonché su altre normative e raccomandazioni pertinenti.

Our strategy

Arjo's vision is to be recognised globally as the most trusted partner in enabling care and improving quality of life for people with reduced mobility and age-related health challenges.

Informazioni legali

Questa sezione contiene la nostra informativa sul web, la politica sui cookie, la declinazione di responsabilità, i termini e le condizioni.

I nostri clienti

Per i pazienti e residenti con mobilità ridotta e altre esigenze speciali il nostro obiettivo è migliorare la mobilità prevenendo le complicanze e facilitare un'esperienza assistenziale il più possibile sicura, dignitosa e confortevole.

Opportunità di lavoro

La nostra storia

Arjo è stata fondata nel 1957 dall'imprenditore svedese Arne Johansson; il nome Arjo deriva dalle prime due iniziali del nome e del cognome del fondatore. Arjo originariamente produceva componenti e parti di macchine per altri produttori, tra cui dispositivi medici.