Lifeguard 55

Lifeguard® 55 is a versatile, high specification patient trolley suitable for trauma, patient examination and imaging, treatment, transport and recovery.

Compatible with most conventional X-Ray and C-arm imaging systems, it has a fully radio-translucent mattress platform, and is also equipped with a sliding cassette tray, which can be accessed from both sides of the trolley and moved longitudinally, enabling full body-length X-ray. A specially designed side function also provides clearance for lateral X-Ray.

Moving and Handling
Durable and easy to use, the trolleys' light weight manoeuvrability helps to significantly reduce moving and handling risks. With an excellent height range, dual-sided foot pedals for hi-lo (and trendelenbergy / reverse trendelenberg), Easytrack® 5th wheel castor system and dual height ergonomic push-pull handles, this trolley is designed perfectly for your and your patient's comfort and security.

The Lifeguard 55 can support full-length imaging techniques using conventional X-ray cassette and C-arm systems.

Infection Control
Open architecture and smooth surfaces used in the construction of Lifeguard trolleys allow for easy cleaning and decontamination of all areas.

Flexibility and Choice

Lifeguard provides the user with a range of features to support patient management in the healthcare environment.

Flexible Mattress Options

A range of mattress pads is available to fit the Lifeguard trolley including the Bi-Flex Pressure Re-Distributing Mattress, developed to assist in the prevention of pressure injuries.
Overall standard length (HOD) mm 2110 mm
Overall standard length (HOD) in 83 in
Overall width mm 770 mm
Overall width in 30 in
Top height (with 125 mm castors) mm 930 mm
Top height (with 125 mm castors) in 36,5 in
Low height (with 125 mm castors) mm 560 mm
Low height (with 125 mm castors) in 22 in
Safe working load kg 250 kg
Safe working load lb 550 lb
Head down tilt 12°
Foot down tilt 12°

Lifeguard LG55 Instructions for use

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Lifeguard Instructions for use Transfer Mattress

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