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Lifeguard 55

Lifeguard® 55 è una barella versatile dalle elevate specifiche adatta per traumi, esami e diagnostica per immagini, trattamento, trasporto e fase di recupero.

Overall standard length (HOD) mm 2110 mm
Overall standard length (HOD) in 83 in
Overall width mm 770 mm
Overall width in 30 in
Top height (with 125 mm castors) mm 930 mm
Top height (with 125 mm castors) in 36,5 in
Low height (with 125 mm castors) mm 560 mm
Low height (with 125 mm castors) in 22 in
Safe working load kg 250 kg
Safe working load lb 550 lb
Head down tilt 12°
Foot down tilt 12°

Lifeguard Brochure Trolley Range

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Lifeguard LG55 Instructions for use

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