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Walker provides the support for taking that first step – for both patient or resident and physiotherapist.

A training tool for the gym, treatment area or ward that provides secure conditions for taking that first step.

The hi-low function reduces transfer risks for both patient and physiotherapist when the patient is raised/lowered to/from the standing position.

Adjustable handgrips enable the patient to take a firm hold, the U-shaped table supports and the back/suspension straps prevent falling.

The straight steering device helps the patient walk straight ahead. Walker has brakes on two castors.

Walker’s open sides give the physiotherapist free access to the patient’s hips, knees and ankles for assisting gait training.
The soft U-shaped support table is stable to lean on.

Once the patient is in a standing position, the spade seat can be easily removed.

Adjustable handgrips enable the patient to take a firm hold.

Walker has a hand control that allows the physiotherapist to stay close to the patient.

Straight steering to assist the patient walk in a straight line and to facilitate transportation in the corridor.

The Walker™ has a Hi-Lo function which reduces transfer injury risks, both for residents/patients and physiotherapists, when lifting and lowering them into and from the standing position. While in motion, a resident’s/patient’s sense of security is further reinforced by safety and comfort features, such as adjustable handgrips for a firm hold, a U-shaped support table for leaning onto and back/suspension straps to prevent the resident/patient from falling.

Product Information
Max safe working load kg 136 kg
Max safe working load lb 300 lb
Lift Weight (incl battery) kg 53 kg
Lift Weight (incl battery) lb 117 lb
Min total storage height mm 1165 mm
Min total storage height in 45,87 in
External width legs closed mm 843 mm
External width legs closed in 33,25 in
Internal width leg closed mm 694 mm
Internal width leg closed in 27,32 in
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) mm 165 mm
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) in 6,5 in
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) mm 117 mm
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) in 4,6 in
Lift total length mm 1040 mm
Lift total length in 41 in
Turning radius mm 1320 mm
Turning radius in 52 in
Lifter protection class IPX4
Handcontrol protection class IPX7
Battery 24V 4Ah
Battery Charge Indicator N/A - just buzzer sound
Service meter - displays the total usage of time (hours) N/A
Emergency stop and system failure override yes
Automatic safety cut out if lowered onto an obstacle yes - in electric version
Low friction castors, the rear two with breaks yes


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