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For hospitals looking to reduce ergonomic risk, IndiGo offers a helping hand


IndiGo is always available and built directly into the bed, so only one thing changes in a caregiver’s day: the amount of work required to move the bed.


Intuitive drive assist technology - IndiGo

IndiGo is the breakthrough intuitive drive assist technology that enables a single caregiver to easily manoeuvre the hospital bed from any position – without the added complexity of separate controls or handles.

Flexible, intuitive and always-available functionality supports the hospital workflow as well as patient and staff safety


Easy and intuitive – IndiGo is automatically activated by lifting the brake pedal. IndiGo LED activation power light for power, battery and error notification

Unique 360-degree functionality means no additional controls – simply grad the bed and go. Also allows for sideways positioning and manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Intelligent assistance based on caregiver input – will increase or decrease assist as required. Helps avoid the controlling movement disadvantages that can be associated with traditional power drive systems.


Automatic slope detection supports increased patient and caregiver safety with up to 60% work reduction required when going up slopes, and up to 70% when moving down slopes.

Minimal training requirement supports integration into hospital workflow.

To learn more about IndiGo in action, watch the Demo Video below

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