Maxi 500

Easy-to-use aid for safe, comfortable transfers and lifting by a single caregiver

Maxi 500 floor lifter has been designed to help caregivers transfer dependent patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, homecare environments or other assisted living centers.

Lifting capacity
Safe working load of 500 lb (227 kg).

Spreader bar is available in 2-point loop configuration, or Arjo 4-point manual dynamic positioning system (DPS).

Dual controls
Maxi 500 can be operated from the mast or with the hand control, enabling the caregiver to stay close to the patient while operating the lifter.

Easy to understand and simple to operate.

Scale option
Integrating weighing into transfer procedures can eliminate an additional transfer to a fixed scale, which makes the routine easier for both patient and caregiver.
The friction solution reduces swinging of the spreader bar during patient transfers.

In addition to the hand control, the powered features of Maxi 500 can also be operated from the control panel on the mast.

The adjustable leg chassis, operated from the hand control, allows access for patients transferring to wide chairs, wheelchairs or

Low-friction castors, the rear two with brakes to secure the lifter in position during storage and when lifting from the floor.

Optional suspended scale supports an efficient weighing routine.

Technical information

Measurements and weights

Safe working load500 lbs (227 kg)
Min lifting height25" (660 mm)
Max lifting height72" (1830 mm)
Height Of Chassis4 3/8" (110 Mm)
External with legs closed25" (635 mm)
Internal with legs open35 3/4" (910 mm )


Protection class (handset)IP 67
Protection class (lifter)IP X4

Maxi 500 Instructions for use

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Scales (2016-) Instructions for use

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