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“A genuine care for people – allowing growth for individual potential”

For Khaled Ghayoomi, the most distinguishing thing about Arjo is the strong focus on people – both out in the care facilities and for colleagues. Working as an HR Business Partner, Khaled feels that he can contribute to further strengthen the company culture of empowering people.


What makes Khaled Ghayoomi go to work with a smile every morning, is the positive and dynamic atmosphere among colleagues. The team spirit is built on openness, kindness and respect, allowing for interesting discussions, sharing knowledge and finding pleasure in learning new things from each other.

“Being part of daily activities and having a more overall HR outlook, I must say that Arjo is a company that truly values diversity. My colleagues, both at headquarters in Malmö and all over the world, are a dynamic mix of people – all highly competent but otherwise diverse in many ways. This creates an open and inclusive atmosphere, where everybody is allowed to grow based on their own strengths.”

Khaled sees the focus on people manifesting itself in many different ways, and that it is a consequence of both good leadership and the nature of the business.

“When looking at my father for example, realising that he could be a person benefitting from our solutions, I’m filled with a strong sense of meaningfulness. Knowing how much independence and integrity means to him, it makes me proud and humble to be part of a company that see those needs and develop solutions to meet them.”

For all employees at Arjo, Empowering Movement, is about creating optimal conditions for increased mobility in healthcare settings, benefitting both clinical and financial outcomes. It is also about empowering ourselves and each other, sharing good energy and moving forward together.


“The positive and inclusive atmosphere brings out the best in all of us”

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