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Arjo clinical consultancy

We offer a wide range of assessment and consultation services to help healthcare facilities improve their clinical outcomes and efficiency, and reduce risks for caregivers as well as for their resident and patient population. Our assessment tools provide you with a detailed gap analysis for your facility based on internationally recognised best practice guidelines.
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Through results-driven partnerships, we focus on creating care environments that facilitate patient mobility, help prevent adverse events, improve workflows, and enable caregivers to provide high quality care, all of which can lead to positive outcomes for your patients and staff, and ultimately for your care facility as a whole.

Preventing adverse events

Helping to reduce the risk of costly adverse events such as caregiver injury, patient falls, and healthcare-acquired conditions.

Improving workflows

Making the most of your investments with products and services that help boost efficiency, manage resources and reduce turnover.

Better outcomes for care receivers

Creating safe and dignified care environments that facilitate independence, reduce recovery time, and maintain or improve mobility.

Higher job satisfaction for caregivers

Creating safer working conditions with equipment and working methods that help reduce the risk of injury or physical overload.

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Insights through partnership

A pathway to better quality of care, reduced risk and improved outcomes through detailed, evidence based reports.
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