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Arjo MOVE®

A partnership to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes

Short for Mobility Outcome Value Engagement, Arjo MOVE programs arm you and your staff with the tools and knowledge to drive guaranteed improvements towards your clinical and operational goals. Rooted in clinical evidence and driven by your facility data, Arjo MOVE supports you to deliver high quality care that facilitates patient and resident mobility, resulting in improvements in clinical outcomes, staff well-being, operational efficiency, and financial optimisation.

Caregiver Injury Reduction Program

Guiding you to optimise care process efficiency and reduce physical strain and subsequent injury to your care staff. Ultimately our goal is to support you to deliver high quality care that facilitates mobility and improves clinical outcomes for your patients and residents.
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Pressure Injury Prevention Program

Matching our early and targeted intervention strategy with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, we work with you to achieve guaranteed reductions in the costly yet preventable occurrence of hospital acquired pressure injuries.

Tailored to your needs

Your program begins with an in-depth assessment to understand your organisation’s goals, challenges, and existing processes. This data is used to identify opportunities for improvement and sets the foundation of your tailored program.


Hands-on care skills education

Mobilise your team to embed a culture of best practice. Through hands-on, in-person training, we empower key members of your care staff as MOVE Coaches, who in turn pass these care skills along to their colleagues on the job.


Dedicated clinical support

Our programs are delivered by dedicated healthcare professionals who work with you to achieve and exceed the goals of your program.


Based on clinical evidence and international guidelines

Our work is based on externally validated clinical evidence and shaped by national and international guidelines, as well as decades of experience working alongside care providers and healthcare professionals.


Improved outcomes with Arjo MOVE

Castlemaine Health Vic, AU

58% reduction in caregiver injuries within ten months

Despite tightened restrictions due to Covid-19, this program almost reached its target of 60% reduction of injuries over three years, even before its first full year.

“Already a year into the project, we see clear results – both in the changed culture where care staff is engaged in their work environment in a completely new way, as well as from a financial perspective, where we have already received significant return on investment.”

Ian Fisher, CEO, Castlemaine Health

AnMed Health SC, USA

AnMed Health signed on for a three-year program across five facilities. Within two years of the program, all five facilities saw dramatic decreases in instances of patient falls, hospital-acquired pressure injuries, workers’ compensation expenses, and work-related injuries in general.

98% reduction in workers’ compensation

39% reduction in patient falls

49% reduction in hospital-acquired pressure injuries

“Ensuring our needs are being met, strong service and clear communication has been present since day one.”

Todd O’Quinn, Director of Safety, AnMed Health

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