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Skin IQ 365

Arjo's Skin IQ® 365 is a multi-patient use, powered mattress cover that can be applied to most support surfaces for superior microclimate control and effective pressure injury prevention and treatment.

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Skin IQ 365 Microclimate Management
Skin IQ 365 utilizes state-of-the-art Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) to continually draw away excess moisture from, and reduce temperature at the patient's skin/surface interface.1
Managing Moisture and Temperature
Excess moisture is passed via an evaporative effect through the vapor permeable, antimicrobial containing top layer and into the middle layer spacer material. The top layer also serves as a barrier to fluid and bacteria.2
Negative Airflow Technology
NAT pulls moisture vapor that passes through the top layer into the middle layer's open construction spacer material and out the foot end with a vacuum effect.
Negative Airflow Technology provides:
Improved laminar airflow that eliminates surface billowing seen with standard air pumps.
Increased air velocity beneath the patient for maximal moisture control.
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Arjo's Skin IQ® 365 is a fluid resistant, vapor permeable, multi-patient use mattress cover for use with a pressure redistribution surface to help prevent and treat Stage I-IV pressure injuries.

Powered by Negative Airflow Technology, Skin IQ 365 continually draws away excess moisture from the skin/surface interface, helps control skin temperature and minimize friction and shear.
Outstanding Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR)
*With an MVTR of 171 gm/m2/hr,1 Skin IQ 365 provides the highest MVTR compared with currently available low air loss surfaces.2,3
Effective moisture and temperature control
*Skin IQ 365 reduces and regulates temperature at the skin/surface interface, reducing the risk of excess moisture and preventing tissue breakdown.4
Reduced shear and friction
*By managing interface temperature and through the use of advanced medical fabric, Skin IQ 365 reduces friction and shear for effective pressure injury prevention and treatment.5
Increased patient safety
*Low height profile supports fall prevention initiatives.
*Skin IQ 365 is designed for compatibility with most pressure redistribution mattresses on the market today.
*Versatility: Skin IQ 365 can be used on multiple patients and disinfected either by laundry or wipe down.
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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.