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FloorLine-i Plus

Human Care´s electric floor level bed provides both a safe and a convenient way of taking care of patients and residents in hospitals and medicalised nursing/long-term care facilities. Placed at a true floor level, it provides a vital care factor for those who may be at risk for falling out of bed and when raised, the bed provides an ergonomically safe working height for any caregiver.

FloorLine-i Plus
• A complete management solution
• Maximum height adjustable
• A range of accessories are available
• Minimum height from the floor of only 10 cm
• Can be used both in hospitals and long term care facilities
• Minimises patient restraints and use of side rails
The FloorLine-i Plus is a complete care management solution.
• An extensive range of features such as trendelenburg, cardiac chair position and electronic CPR function.
• With its ‘open bus’ digital control box. it is also future proofed for adding even more accessories.
• Responsive assistance helps avoid the control and movement disadvantages associated with traditional power drive systems.
• Its minimum height from the floor is just 99 mm and it has a top working height reaching 799 mm.
• The FloorLine-i Plus bed is fitted with Dual Wheel Castors as standard.
• The set of standard wheel castors comprises of 1 black steer castor and 3 grey braked castors.
• The bed also has the option of central locking castors. This feature detects when the bed has not been moved for 60 seconds, locks the castors and puts the bed in safe mode. These castors help reduce the risk of fall injuries caused by a moving bed due to castors not being locked.
• FloorLine-i Plus can be fitted with a variety of optional accessories such side-rails, self-help pole, length extension kits and upgraded castors

Technical Information

Measurements and weights

Overall standard length2325 mm
Overall width925 mm
Mattress platform length standard2000 mm
Mattress width900 mm
Overall length with extension kit2500 mm
Mattress platform length with extension kit2175 mm
Top height (with 125 mm castors)799 mm
Low height (with 125 mm castors)99 mm
Safe working load/Maximum patient weight250 kg/185 kg
Head down tilt18°
Foot down tilt18°
Head High Trendelenburg Tilt Position45°
Backrest angle70°
Knee angle110°
Thigh angle45°
Calf angle25°
Overall weight of bed150 kg
Ingress protectionIPX4
Shock protectionClass 1, Type B
Power in1.25A at 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Audible Acoustic Energy< 65dB
Safety standardIEC60601-2-52

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.