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At Arjo, we are dedicated, through our products and knowledge, to improve the everyday lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. Throughout our 60 years of contact with all aspects of health care worldwide we have gained a vast amount of insight and experience.

By refining and channeling these insights into developing and manufacturing products, we aim to make life easier and safer for residents, patients and caregivers. We are committed to spreading its findings and helping to raise the quality of care.


Acute care

Our focus is to help healthcare professionals meet these demands with solutions that help optimize the care, comfort, and dignity of every patient.

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Long term care

Whether it be an elderly resident or an individual highly dependent on the assistance of others, we believe the experience of long-term care should be one of wellness and dignity.

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Specialist areas

In our specialist area section you will find information on each focus area within our Arjo product portfolio.

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The Mobility Gallery™

The Mobility Gallery™ is an assessment tool based on five different levels of mobility, named in alphabetic order from A to E.

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