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Tornado is a high-powered flusher-disinfector with a wide range of standard and optional features to meet your infection control needs.

Tornado’s automated operation features are designed to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination while delivering highly effective cleaning and disinfection results.

Support touch-free operation routines with an optional IR sensor or foot pedal to open the door.

The disinfection phase can be controlled by time and temperature, or by the chosen A₀ value, while the Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) feature disinfects the entire pipe and nozzle system at the end of each cycle.

Tornado also offers the option to record or track disinfection records via printer or USB, offering traceability for your disinfection operations.
Touch-free door operation
Door opens automatically with IR sensor simply by waving one’s hand in front of the door. The door can also be operated with an optional foot pedal.

Efficient disinfection
The disinfection process can be controlled via the touch display control panel, either by setting the time and temperature, or the desired A₀ level. After receptacles are cleaned and disinfected, the Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) feature disinfects all internal pipes and nozzles as well.

Cooling fan
Built-in cooling fan dries containers quickly and cools them with HEPA-filtered (H13) air.

Traceability and efficiency
Record and track your disinfection operations, either via a printer or by downloading the records via USB. Tornado offers three programmes: economy, normal and intensive, with an 22 additional programmes available upon request.

Flexible design options
Available as a free standing or under-counter unit. Free standing unit can also be wall mounted. Choose from colourful polymeric or stainless steel finish casing.

Compatible with wide range of accessories, Arjo Liquids Flusher Rinse, and Arjo Liquids Flusher Detergent.

The Tornado™ system comprises of a series of high pressure water cycles delivered through strategically located fixed and rotating nozzles, followed by a steam phase

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