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Dementia Care Solutions

Clinical Focus Guide

Someone is newly diagnosed with Dementia every 3 seconds and it affects over 60% of residents in long-term care facilities.¹ With the condition on the rise globally and in care, evidence-based design of non-pharma solutions for dementia care is important.

Our Dementia Care Solutions Clinical Focus Guide presents the nonpharmacological clinical evidence to help you select the right equipment to move forward in dementia care. Evidence suggests person-centred care is able to improve and support workflows, maintain or improve mobility, and promote a calm environment.

Dementia Care Solutions Clinical Focus Guide
The focus guide covers:

• Person-centred care for people living with dementia

• Overview and summary of needs when assessing hygiene and mobility risk

• Care recommendations for hygiene, mobility, and handling in dementia care

• Case examples from the Arjo Dementia Care portfolio

To download a copy of the summary please enter your details in our form.

1. Alzheimer’s Disease International. World Alzheimer Report 2018. London: Alzheimer’s Disease International; 2018.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease International / World Alzheimer Report 2015

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