A responsible company

Goals by 2030 Key activities Status 2020
Code of Conduct    
100% of employees receive training in Arjo’s Code of Conduct
  • All employees have access to digital and on-site training which is repeated regularly
  • In a number of countries (when permitted by law), the Code of Conduct constitutes a part of select personnel’s employment contracts
  • The proportion of employees who have received training:
Business ethics    
All managers and their teams understand and behave in accordance with Arjo’s policies and  directives on business ethics
  • Training of all managers and their teams based on the newly drafted Business Compliance Policy
  • Training includes a review of the rules pertaining to anti-
    corruption, competition law, export and sanctions, as well as whistleblowing
  • The new Business Compliance Policy policy was presented
    in 2020, and implementation and training are scheduled for
Incidents and whistleblowing    
All Arjo employees can report an incident or concerns about serious misconduct that may be suspected, prevented or rectified
  • Global system for the whistleblower service including
    regular employee training about the Code of Conduct processes
  • Three incidents of fraud reported and investigated in 2020. In two of the incidents, it emerged that employees acted in breach of the company’s rules and Code of Conduct, and these individuals’ employment was terminated. None of the involved had senior positions and none of the incidents are
    deemed to have a essential impact on the company’s operations
Fraud prevention    
All Group Finance employees understand the meaning of fraud, and how it should be prevented and identified in the workplace
  • Targeted training for all Group Finance employees, aimed
    at cultivating a culture of fairness and ethics coupled with
    a robust internal control environment 
  • In 2020, 100% of all Group Finance employees (over 200
    people) received training
High ethics among business partners    
  • All Arjo business partners are evaluated
    and audited according to a specially
    designed process
  • In high-risk regions, a more detailed process is carried out using a specific analysis and monitoring tool
  • Implementation of the auditing processes, including
    targeted training
  • Establishment of business ethics ambassadors, who support
    local organizations in high-risk regions
  • 85 Arjo employees received training in the new audit process
  • 14 business ethics ambassadors have been appointed and trained within the company, and serve as an integrated part of operations
Supplier assessment    
90% of Arjo’s total purchases to be made from suppliers who have signed the customized Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners
  • Continuous audits of suppliers and business partners
  • 82% of Arjo’s total purchases made from suppliers who have signed our customized Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners
  • In 2020, 24 assessments of suppliers and business partners were performed. The pandemic caused some delays and outstanding assessments will be performed in 2021

For complete information, see Arjo's Annual Report 2020