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The story of

Advanced wound care

Treating hard to heal ulcers faster, easier and more comfortably than ever.


A chronic problem

Venous leg ulcers are a common and serious problem for millions of elderly people worldwide. These chronic sores often take weeks to heal, causing considerable pain and suffering for patients as well as high treatment costs for healthcare providers.

Starting a revolution

Treating hard to heal wounds demanded a revolutionary new kind of therapy. So a team of co-creators, including Arjo, the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre, Accelerate CIC and the Helsingborg hospital, partnered to develop the groundbreaking WoundExpress device.

On the express way

WoundExpress speeds up the ulcer healing process by weeks – even months. It gently massages the leg to improve circulation and the flow of nutrient-rich blood to the wound. Empowering healing and pain reduction in more than 80% of patients in only eight weeks.

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Join the wound care revolution now with WoundExpress

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