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Prevent pressure injury in the prone position

Lengthy prone positioning sessions in ICU, are associated with an increased frequency in the development of pressure injury.¹ This can lead to a protracted hospital stay, patient suffering, possible surgical intervention and increased costs of care.²

When prone positioning is adopted, caregivers face challenges in preventing pressure injuries to their patients due to:³

  • A lack of subcutaneous fat and protection over weight-bearing pressure points.
  • Prolonged tissue loading with prone sessions of 16 hours or more a day.
  • High levels of skin moisture.
  • Increased shear and friction during repositioning

A support surface can provide pressure redistribution, microclimate management, and other therapeutic functions which help reduce the risk of patients developing pressure injuries in the prone position.

In the prone position

Beds and integrated systems

Entreprise® range of beds


Citadel® C200 Patient Care System

Therapeutic support surfaces

Nimbus Professional alternating pressure system


Arjo range of therapeutic support surfaces

Microclimate management

Skin IQ - Microclimate Manager

Take the strain out of prone positioning

Read about the challenges associated with turning a patient to and from the prone position – and our solutions.
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  2. Bunker, D. and Thomson, M., 2015. Chin Necrosis as a Consequence of Prone Positioning in the Intensive Care Unit. Case Reports in Medicine, pp.1-3.
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