Enterprise 9000X

The Enterprise® 9000X hospital bed delivers significant benefits to the patient, caregiver and healthcare facility.

The daily challenges faced by nursing teams on hospital wards have inspired Arjo to improve upon an established solution, trusted by hospitals around the globe. In the development of the Enterprise 9000X hospital bed, Arjo has focused on key customer needs common to all healthcare environments, namely:

• Safety for both resident/patient and caregiver.
• Compliance with new international standards.
• Equipment that is robust, intuitive and easy to use.
• Solutions focused on quality of care for residents/patients.

The Enterprise 9000X bed for intensive care and high dependency patients, is based on the key features of the Enterprise 5000X and 8000X hospital beds, with additional focus on patient safety and clinical functionality. With its patented profiling system, integrated weighing scale, bed exit alarm and under-bed anti-entrapment sensors, the bed has been designed with the patient, caregiver and facility in mind.
• Safe working load of 551 lbs (250 kg).
• Built-in electronic weighing scale - accurate to ±500 g.
• Integrated resident/patient bed exit alarm.
• Integrated under-bed anti-entrapment system.
• Digital angle display of backrest.
• Knee break and tilt inclination.
• Power-driven height, two way tilt, auto contour, backrest, knee break and calf section adjustment.
• Battery back-up.
• Bio-Contour® profiling system.
• Integrated split type safety sides with separate built-in controls for resident/patient and caregiver.
• Function lock-outs.
• Electric auto CPR function, plus dual sided manual CPR levers.
• Built-in angle indicators for backrest and thigh section.
• Underbed light.
• Calf section raising/lowering operated by caregiver.
• Zero transfer gap.
• Built-in bed extension with mattress retainer.
• Dual side drainage bag rails.
• Full width bed stripper.
• Linked braking/steering castor system.
• Removable head and foot panels and mattress deck sheets.
• Accessory sockets for IV rod etc.
• Full range of accessories available, and compatible with a range of mattresses from Arjo.

Additional standard features such as extra low height, bed exit alarms and under bed anti entrapment systems are designed with risk management in mind. X-Ray backrest is available as an optional feature.
Overall standard length (HOD) mm 2300 mm
Overall standard length (HOD) in 90,55 in
Overall standard length (HOB) mm 2350 mm
Overall standard length (HOB) in 92,52 in
Overall width mm 1030 mm
Overall width in 40,55 in
Mattress length standard mm 2020 mm
Mattress length standard in 79,53 in
Mattress width standard mm 880 mm
Mattress width standard in 34,65 in
Overall length, extended (HOD) mm 2420 mm
Overall length, extended (HOD) in 95,28 in
Overall length, extended (HOB) mm 2470 mm
Overall length, extended (HOB) in 97,24 in
Mattress length, extended mm 2140 mm
Mattress length, extended in 84,25 in
Overall length, short (HOD) mm 2190 mm
Overall length, short (HOD) in 86,22 in
Overall length, short (HOB) mm 2240 mm
Overall length, short (HOB) in 88,19 in
Mattress length short mm 1910 mm
Mattress length short in 75,2 in
Top height (with 125 mm castors) mm 760 mm
Top height (with 125 mm castors) in 29,92 in
Low height (with 125 mm castors) mm 320 mm
Low height (with 125 mm castors) in 12,6 in
Backrest length mm 850 mm
Backrest length in 33,46 in
Seat length mm 215 mm
Seat length in 8,46 in
Calf length mm 560 mm
Calf length in 22,05 in
Thigh length mm 365 mm
Thigh length in 14,37 in
Safe working load kg 250 kg
Safe working load lb 551,16 lb
Maximum patient weight kg 185 kg
Maximum patient weight lb 407,86 lb
Safety standard IEC IEC60601-2-52
Ingress protection IPX4
Shock protection Class 1, Type B
Power in (230V) 3A max at 230V
Power in (120V) 5.8A max at 120V
Power in (60Hz) AC 50/60Hz
Head down tilt 12°
Foot down tilt 12°
Backrest angle 62°
Backrest pause 30°
Thigh angle 20°
Calf angle 16°


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Enterprise range demonstration video

This video is designed to provide users with an overview of the Enterprise range medical beds as well as some guidelines on their correct use.

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.