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Enterprise 9000X

The Enterprise 9000X hospital bed from Arjo delivers significant benefits to the patient, caregiver and healthcare facility.

The daily challenges faced by nursing teams on hospital wards have inspired Arjo to improve upon an established solution, trusted by hospitals around the globe. In the development of the Enterprise 9000X hospital bed, Arjo has focused on key customer needs common to all healthcare environments, namely:

• Safety for both patient and carer.
• Compliance with new international standards.
• Equipment that is robust, intuitive and easy to use.
• Solutions focused on the quality of care for patients.

The Enterprise 9000X bed for intensive care and high dependency patients, is based on the key features of the Enterprise 5000X and 8000X hospital beds, with additional focus on patient safety and clinical functionality. With its patented profiling system, integrated weighing scale, bed exit alarm and under-bed anti-entrapment sensors, the bed has been designed with the patient, caregiver and facility in mind.
Bio-contour profiling
• The patented Bio-Contour profiling system blends a unique combination of bed movements with a curved mattress deck.

3 step bed extension
• Different bed lengths are now easily configurable in a single sub-frame, offering a simple to use, multi-length hospital bed for greater flexibility and choice.

Underbed light
• The bed exit area on both sides of the bed is illuminated to help guide patients when leaving the bed in a poorly lit room.

Infection control
• The open architecture design allows ease of access to help improve decontamination procedures. Deck sheets are lightweight, smooth and easily removed.

Weigh scale
• The simple to use intergrated weigh scale can weigh up to 250 kg (550 lbs). Weighing can be carried out in any position, and items added or taken away using the autocompensation facility without affecting the patient’s weight.

Anti-entrapment sensors
• The anti-entrapment sensors can detect an object/person underneath the bed. If the beam is interrupted whilst the mattress platform is being lowered, the mattress platform will automatically move up and away from the obstruction, reducing the risk of entrapment.

Pit stop maintenance
• Designed for ‘Pit Stop Maintenance’- open accessibility means changes such as actuator, control box and battery can be carried out in situ within a few minutes by one person.

Bed exit alarm
• When enabled, the bed exit function can detect patient movement at differing sensitivity levels and trigger an audible alarm to alert medical staff.

Cardiac chair position
• The caregiver can easily adjust the bed into a cardiac chair position with our simple to use control panel.

Low height
• A key advantage in reducing the risk of injury through falls.

30 degree backrest angle
• The backrest will pause when raised or lowered to an angle of 30 degrees, ensuring easy and positive backrest adjustment time after time.

Indigo (optional)
• IndiGo is the powered 5th wheel that makes lighter transport available to any caregiver with just a touch – for safety and simplicity. IndiGo is always available and built directly into your Citadel or Enterprise bed.

The Enterprise® 9000 bed is a full specification electric profiling bed with a simple to use integrated weigh scale intended for use in high acuity areas such as ITU and ICU.

Technical Specifications 
Safe working load250 kg / 550lbs
Overall length

2280mm (89 3/4")

Overall length extended2400mm (94 1/2")

Overal length (short bed)

2170mm (85 1/2")
Overall length extended (short bed)2290mm (90")
Mattress size880mm x 2030mm (34 1/2 x 80")
Overal width990mm (39")
Low height320mm (12")
High height770mm (30")
Tendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenberg


Power In3.0A max. at 230V a.c. 50/60 HZ
Power In

5.8A max. at 120V a.c. 60Hz.

Liquid Ingress protectionIPX4
Electrical shock protectionClass 1 / Type B
Safety Standard60601-2-38

Enterprise 9000X Quick reference guide - Functions (A4, Portrait, Colour)

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Enterprise 9000X Instructions for use

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Enterprise 9000X Quick reference guide - Controls (A4, Portrait, Colour)


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Medical beds accessories Brochure

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Universal Medical Beds Platform Brochure Local translations

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Enterprise range demonstration video

This video is designed to provide users with an overview of the Enterprise range medical beds as well as some guidelines on their correct use.

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.