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Arjo Express

Online rental ordering tool

Easy and efficient online ordering

Arjo Express enables you and Arjo to administrate the whole rental order process in an efficient and transparent way. It is an online rental ordering tool that can save staff time when ordering a product for rental, terminating an order, reporting a breakdown or transferring patients with equipment to a new location. Arjo Express is designed with a user friendly interface, but also offers immediate online assistance with a help function.

Functions of Arjo Express

  • Creating an order

Ordering is done by completing an online form, the order is then sent to Arjo who will deliver the products according to your instructions. Arjo Express also gives you the opportunity to save the order as a draft if you need to interrupt the order creation process, or if you are ordering for more than one patient. 

  • Terminating an order

Your instructions for pickups will be delivered to the technician at Arjo who will pick up the products according to your instructions. Arjo Express can also handle situations where you have an in-house cleaning process. In this case there is no involvement from Arjo and you can place the items back in the bed store after the cleaning process has been completed. The next time you place a bed store order the items are again available for rent.

  • Reporting a breakdown / service

In the case of an issue with a product you have on rent you can place a service call using Arjo Express. The information about the fault will be sent to the Arjo technician.  Arjo Express will inform you if there is already a service call booked on the faulty product.

  • Transfer of patient / equipment

When a patient is transferred to another location within your organization you can use the change unit/ward function to move the patient with their equipment to the new ward. If the patient information is incorrect you can update this without intervention from Arjo. The order will be updated immediately to reflect the change that has been made.


Bed Store Management

Arjo Express can provide detailed information to help you manage your bed store assets including the provision of product serial numbers, the status of individual orders including service and auto-replenishment of stock.


Arjo Express provides real-time insights into the rental behaviour of your healthcare facility including daily and period rental reports, current stock levels and user activity.

User Management

Users of Arjo Express can be given different access rights depending on their roles. There are predefined roles ranging from administrators that can create user logins to regular users that can create, maintain and terminate rental orders.