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Maxi Twin Compact

The optimum lifter for care in confined spaces

Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller version of Maxi Twin floor lifter, designed to access limited spaces in care facilities.

Its remarkably small footprint enables safe everyday transfers of residents/patients in elderly care facilities and in home care, where space may be an issue.

The Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller version of the well known Maxi Twin passive floor lifter. It incorporates all of the main features of the larger sling lifter, including its innovative twin mast design, which improves stability and weight distribution, while offering the caregiver unique accessibility for working in confined spaces.

With its remarkably small footprint, the Maxi Twin Compact enables safe, high quality care routines to be carried out in confined spaces. The Maxi Twin Compact is easy to manoeuvre in narrow corridors and turns corners smoothly without compromising the safety of the resident/patient or the working conditions of the caregiver.

The small footprint, first rate accessibility and outstanding manoeuvrability make it easier to turn into rooms through standard doorways and provide a safe ergonomic aid in small bedrooms that conventional, larger lifters cannot access.

  • Enables access to most areas where space is limited due to the lifter’s small footprint
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Effortless, exact resident/patient positioning with minimum exertion for the caregiver due to the Powered Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS)
  • No “swing-and-sway” or pendulum motion of the spreader bar, thanks to an innovative friction disc solution
  • Residents/patients can be lifted up off the floor without adjustments to the equipment, due to the lifter’s high lifting stroke
  • Reassuring eye contact between the caregiver and resident/patient at all times
  • Excellent legroom improves comfort and safety for the resident/patient
  • A wide range of clip slings, loop slings and flites are available

Technical information

Measurements and weights

Safe working load350 lbs (160 kg)
Weight102 lbs (46.5 kg)
Lifting stroke42 1/2" (1080 mm)
External width, legs closed26" (660 mm)
Internal width, legs open38" (965 mm)
Chassis clearance (from floor to bottom of chassis)1 1/4" (30 mm)
Leg clearance (from floor to top of legs)4 1/2" (115 mm)


Battery capacity2.5 Ah
Protection class (lifter)IPX4
Protection class (handset)IPX7

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.