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Enterprise 5000X

Enterprise 5000 hospital bed ensuring quality of care

The Enterprise® 5000X hospital bed delivers significant benefits to the patient, caregiver and healthcare facility.

The daily challenges faced by nursing teams on hospital wards have inspired Arjo to improve upon an established solution, trusted by hospitals around the globe. In the development of the Enterprise 5000X hospital bed, Arjo has focused on key customer needs common to all healthcare environments, namely:

• Safety for both resident/patient and caregiver.
• Compliance with new international standards.
• Equipment that is robust, intuitive and easy to use.
• Solutions focused on quality of care for residents/patients.

The Enterprise 5000X has been independently tested by a globally renowned organization, to certify that it is compliant with the latest stability, dimensional and safety requirements of the IEC60601-2-52 Standard.

The bed can be supplied with or without 3/4 folding safety rails.

The Enterprise® 5000X hospital bed has been designed with risk management, ease of use and servicing in mind, and provides a number of unique features.

A safe environment is critical to the wellbeing of patients and carers. Falls affect as many as 10% of older adults during an acute care inpatient stay and can result in serious and often life-threatening injuries.

Intuitive operation and ease of use
Our one-button-push controls are intuitive and easy to use, thanks to clear and simple icons. One touch functions can be used for key features, such as:

• Auto CPR
• 30 degree backrest angle
• Auto-contour
• Cardiac chair position
• Low height and extra low height
• Trendelenberg / reverse Trendelenberg

Some or all of these functions may be locked out by the caregiver if required.

Enhancing the quality of care
The backrest will pause when raised to an angle of 30°, ensuring easy and positive backrest adjustment time after time. The caregiver can easily adjust the bed into a cardiac chair position with our simple to use control panel, by selecting the appropriate icon.

Infection control, pit stop maintenance and service
The Enterprise 5000X is designed with open architecture and no base cover to allow easy access for cleaning, decontamination, maintenance and service.

• The blow-molded decksheets and head/foot panels are lightweight, smooth and easy to remove to aid cleaning.
• Pit stop maintenance is achieved by designing open accessibility and plug and play components. Changes such as actuator, control box and battery can be carried out in situ within a few minutes by one trained person.
• Equipment is designed to be easy to service and maintain, reducing time spent on cleaning, service and maintenance activities.

Optional: Now available with IndiGo®
IndiGo is the powered 5th wheel that makes lighter transport available to any caregiver with just a touch – for safety and simplicity. IndiGo is always available and built directly into your Enterprise bed, so only one thing changes in a caregiver’s day: the amount of work required to move the bed.

Enterprise 5000X Instructions for use

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Enterprise 5000X Quick reference guide - Controls (A4, Portrait, Colour)

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Enterprise 5000X, 8000X Quick reference guide - Functions (A4, Portrait, Colour)

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.