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“The positive and inclusive atmosphere brings out the best in all of us”

When Rana Moussa realised that a mattress system from Arjo greatly improved her bedridden sister’s quality of life, she had found her new employer. Now Rana contributes to ensuring that Group Accounting enables successful operations all over the world.


In her role as Group Accountant, Rana Moussa feels that her work is interesting and important. “Everybody knows someone who is ill or old, so it is very easy to relate to the value our solutions can provide. My sister was bedridden for many years, so I have experienced this up close. Thanks to Arjo’s pressure relieving mattress system, she didn’t have to suffer from painful pressure injuries. I’m proud to be part of Arjo and feel that I can really stand for what we do.”

Rana finds it highly stimulating to work in a truly global company and appreciates the dialogue with colleagues all over the world. She describes an open and positive atmosphere, where she can always count on getting support from colleagues when needed.

“This international outlook has also made Arjo a very inclusive company. There is a genuine care for people in the whole organisation. There is no narrow norm that you should fit into – on the contrary, it’s considered a strength that we are not all alike. I feel very included and at home here.”

“Self-empowerment is really encouraged at Arjo, so I’m confident in doing my job in the way I find best. I feel trusted and encouraged, which greatly benefits the working atmosphere for me and my team.”

A central aspect Rana appreciates is the freedom to take personal responsibility.

For all employees at Arjo, Empowering Movement, is about creating optimal conditions for increased mobility in healthcare settings, benefitting both clinical and financial outcomes. It is also about empowering ourselves and each other, sharing good energy and moving forward together.

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