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Sara Combilizer

SARA Combilizer is a versatile aid that enables out of bed mobilization to the critically ill patient. Applying mobilization therapy as early as the patients clinical status allow may reduce number of complications due to immobility.

Sara Combilizer is multi-functional tool for mobilisation of patients out of bed in the acute care settings, in particular at ICU’s.

It allows the patient to be positioned into lying, sitting and standing positions – all of them achievable without having to perform transfers in between. In all these positions Sara Combilizer can be sideways tilted as well, facilitating therapy and making it possible to safely and easily reposition the patient without strain on the caregiver.

With Sara® Combilizer, due to its exceptional positioning flexibility, even patients that previously deemed high risk or inappropriate to mobilise can easily be mobilised to a standing, sitting or supine position in a safe and comfortable way. This includes patients with low attention and level of consciousness, poor trunk stability, mechanical ventilation and hemofiltration lines in groin. (Dueck 2010, McWilliams 2013)

Getting out of bed – early, safely and efficiently
There is clear clinical evidence of the positive physical effects on early mobilisation, giving mobility and exercise therapy by having the patient sitting and standing out of bed, already in the ICU, By getting mobilized out of bed already during the first days within the intensive care unit and even under mechanical ventilation, patients do not only get better physical stimulation, such as stronger muscles and skeleton, better vascular and respiratory function; in addition the risk of patients acquiring delirium is reduced. (Brahmbatt 2010)

The dimensions and powered multi-function design of Sara Combilizer support the ICU patient to get out-of-bed mobilisation therapy, while at the same time providing ergonomic working conditions and minimal physical strain on the caregivers.

With Sara Combilizer mobilisation therapy is safe and efficient, both for the patients and the caregivers.

The patient is secured by a safety belt system that eliminates risk of falls, and other built in safety mechanisms enables a quick repositioning of the patient to a supine position if an emergency situation occur.

Due to its design and dimensions, transfer of the patient to and from Sara Combilizer is safe and quick, minimizing the resource need to prepare the patient for the mobilisation therapy.

Reducing length of stay
Intensive care, especially initial care using mechanical ventilation, involves high cost. Early mobilisation can help reduce the length of ICU and hospital stay, cutting cost and improving financial outcomes (McWilliams 2013, Lord 2013)
Product description
All patient positioning options powered and hand control operated.
Removable NiMH battery, to be charged in a separate charging station.
Inclinometer indicating the level of inclination.
Low friction castors, all with brakes.
Adjustable foot plate with anti-slip properties.
Adjustable armrests follows the chair movement automatically by always being parallel to the floor
Adjustable armrest according to needed hight and width while patient's in chair or standing mode.
Adjustable and foldable shoulder supports.
Mattress covers in breathable fabric that provides multidirectional stretch.
Designed for easy cleaning and disinfection, with no fastener strips or push buttons.

Safety and emergency features
Adjustable safety belt system securing the patient at knee, hip and chest.
Three level redundant manoeuvring controls for safety.
Manual “Quick-down” emergency lowering option from standing to lying position enabling necessary actions.
Built in pinch protection.
Dual emergency stops and system failure override.

Supporting mobilization
Powered multifunctional positioning aid for early mobilisation and ICU rehabilitation of critically ill patients.
The advanced positioning possibilities of Sara® Combilizer help increasing comfort and preventing pressure injuries by enabling easy repositioning.
Hand control operated positioning of patient between standing (75 degrees), sitting and supine position including the option of Trendelenburg positioning.
Height adjustable in stretcher and chair position as well as compact dimensions cater for an ergonomic working posture and good patient interaction.
Easy-to-read inclinometer indicating level of inclination when raising Sara Combilizer to a standing position.
Sideways tilting in all positions, for pressure re-distribution and rehabilitation purposes.
Reclining chair position for a comfortable resting position.
Safe Working Load 200kg (440lbs).
Designed to integrate to other Arjo lifting, transfer and mobilisation products, providing a complete mobilisation portfolio for critical care settings.

Comfort for the patient
Comfortable foam mattress and pillow with mattress cover in breathable, multidirectional stretch material.
The safety belt system secures the patient in a comfortable way.
Adjustable shoulder supports, foot plate, arm rests and lumbar support.
Designed for alternating patient posture.

Built-in Safety
Built-in pinch protection functions and emergency stops.
Intuitive hand control operation with two additional levels of control redundancy.

Easy to clean – designed for the ICU
Easy to clean surfaces designed to minimize dirt traps
No fastener strips or push buttons
Minimal use of zippers
Easy to remove, washable mattress, pillow and arm rest covers
Product Information
Max safe working load kg 200 kg
Max safe working load lb 440 lb
Weight kg 115 kg
Weight lb 265 lb
Width mm 750 mm
Width in 29,5 in
Max patient length cm 196 cm
Min patient length cm 148 cm
Chassis dimensions (incl. castors) mm 915 x 714 mm
Chassis dimensions (incl. castors) in 36 x 28 1/8 in
Max length (stretcher) mm 2045 mm
Max length (stretcher) in 80 1/2 in
Min length (chair incl. foot plate) mm 1580 mm
Min length (chair incl. foot plate) in 62 1/4 in
Max height (seat surface) mm 984 mm
Max height (seat surface) in 38 3/4 in
Min height (seat surface) mm 588 mm
Min height (seat surface) in 2,25 in
Turning radius, stretcher mm 2045 mm
Turning radius, stretcher in 80,5 in
Turning radius, chair mm 1840 mm
Turning radius, chair in 72,3 in
Max elevation, standing: 75°
Max sideways tilting: 20°
Trendelenburg tilt: -15°
Lifter protection class IPX4
Handcontrol protection class IPX6
Battery NiMH, 2,5Ah, 24 V DC


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Sara Combilizer Demonstration video

This video is designed to provide users with an overview of Sara Combilizer and guidelines on the correct use of the product.

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.

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