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Albert can perform daily activities independently yet may need extra balance support
This patient/resident may require special aids or appliances to assist their independent function. Albert is standing up although his stance is wide, which suggests that he may have problems with balance. He might also find it beneficial to hold onto furniture and handrails when ambulating to maintain support when walking over a distance or negotiating steps.

  • Ambulatory, but may use a walking stick/walker for support
  • Independent – can clean and dress himself
  • The green colour of his jersey shows that he presents a low risk of static and dynamic physical overload to his caregivers.
  • Stimulation of functional mobility is very important to maintain independence

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In order to ensure that you are best able to meet the needs of your residents/patients, we have compiled a series of informative documents to advise you on how to understand the varying levels of functional mobility, and how to utilise our products and solutions in the most effective way.

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