Sling sizing

Choosing the right sling size is important in order to achieve the highest possible patient comfort and safety.

Each sling size has its own colour, which is found on the binding of the sling. For bariatric slings, only the upper part of the binding shows the size colour and the rest is dark grey. See the images above for more detailed info about the colour coding. 

Choosing the right sling size

There are three basic components for a proper sling fit:

  1. Patient height
  2. Patient waist size (when applying the sling on the patient)
  3. Patient thighs size (when applying the sling on the patient)

In most cases only the height needs to be measured. For some patients also the waist and thighs might need to be measured. Other factors like the patients physical disabilities, weight distribution and general physique might need to be taken into consideration. 


Using the ArjoHuntleigh Measuring Tape:

The patient can either be in a seated or laying position.

  • Measure from the coccyx to the top of the head. The colour level at the top of the head indicates the required size.

Using a sling:

The patient can either be in a seated or laying position.

  • Place the sling over the resident’s back.
  • Make sure the sling covers the resident from the top of the head to the coccyx.

Waist size

After determining proper size of the sling using the height, apply the sling around the patient making sure the sling is centered on the spine. If the patient’s body touches or falls outside the binding, change to a larger and wider sling.  This will prevent skin abrasions and tears as well as minimise the risk of a patient falling or rolling out of the side of an undersized sling. 

Thighs size

After properly fitting the waist, place the leg pieces around the sides of the hips and legs, then under the thighs and up between the legs.

If the sling has been applied correctly, the patient’s thighs should only be in contact with the padded portion of the leg pieces.

If however, the leg straps touch the body or skin, skin abrasions and tears may appear. Check if the sling is available with extended leg pieces. 

Tailor Made Slings

If it is not possible to achieve a good fit with existing sling models and sizes the alternative is to order a tailor made sling.