Efficiency meets high performance in Typhoon, a fully automated flusher disinfector with a range of user-friendly features.

Typhoon is known for its View in Process (VIP) glass door, which allows you to check on the progress at any time during the cleaning and disinfecting cycle.

Its automatic sliding door with built-in IR sensor supports touch-free operation – simply wave your hand in front of the door to open and close it.

Typhoon also comes with an automatically rotating holder. Once the door is locked, the holder rotates 150° and empties the receptacles, eliminating the need to manually invert them.

At the end of the cycle, the Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) feature automatically disinfects the machine’s internal pipe and nozzle system.
Typhoon provides a fully automated cleaning and disinfection cycle, as well as functional features designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination while facilitating an efficient working protocol.

View in Process (VIP)
Clear glass door allows you to check on the cleaning and disinfection progress at any time.

Touch-free operation
Automatic sliding door with built-in IR sensor opens and closes with a wave of your hand. Built-in rotating holder automatically rotates 150° to empty receptacles once door is locked, eliminating the need for manual emptying.

Effective cleaning and disinfection
Strategically located fixed and rotating nozzles to achieve effective cleaning and disinfection results. Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) uses thermal steam disinfection to efficiently disinfect receptacles as well as the internal pipe and nozzle system.

Door remains locked throughout cleaning and disinfecting cycle, and opens slightly at the end of the cycle to allow rapid drying and cooling.

Digital display indicating cycle progress and disinfection level.

Three programs: economy, normal and intensive; 22 additional programs available upon request.

Standard stainless steel casing.

Compatible with wide range of accessories, Arjo Liquids Flusher Rinse, and Arjo Liquids Flusher Detergent.

Typhoon Instructions for use

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Typhoon HUG Instructions for Use

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