Positive Eight™

Positive Eight

Long-term Care – Positive Eight: Sufficient space, proper aids, and correct working techniques

  1. Improved vital bodily functions, such as the heart, lungs, circulation, skin, and musculoskeletal system
  2. Reduced immobility acquired conditions such as pressure injuries, thrombosis, pneumonia, incontinence, dizziness
  3. The core pre-requisites aid maintenance of patient or resident mobility and risk of falls
  4. More mobile residents have greater ability, independence equating to better self worth, patient/resident satisfaction and quality of life
  5. Reduced need for assistance through more mobile, less dependent patient/residents
  6. Reduced strain on the caregiver resulting in fewer related injuries
  7. Better physical and psychological well-being health of caregivers will improve staff productivity and personnel retention as a result of less sick leave and turnover
  8. Improved quality of care outcomes at less cost improves financial outcome for facility