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Integrated system for high dependency patients

Built on a universal platform, the hospital bed Citadel Patient Care System enables you to tailor the in-bed environment of your high-dependency patients according to their unique clinical needs.

Select the most appropriate surface for each patient based on their acuity and risk of pressure injury. Citadel’s bespoke powered surface integration provides important communication between the bed frame and patient therapy system offering a choice of reactive and active pressure redistributing support surfaces combined with microclimate management and patient turn or mobilisation assist. With multiple therapy options and standardised safety features to deliver adaptive care for your patients.

Choice of support surfaces:

C100 Patient therapy system
• Constant Low Pressure
• Adjustable pressure settings within each of the four sections
• Patient turn and hold
• X-Ray sleeve

C200 Patient therapy system
The benefits of C100, with additional features for patients with limited to zero mobility:
• Pulsation and Alternating Pressure Therapy
• Continuous 20° turn to assist the caregiver with patient repositioning

AtmosAir® 9000
• Mattress Replacement System
• For prevention or treatment of skin breakdown
• Self Adjusting Technology™

Skin IQ®
• The Skin IQ Family of products are powered mattress covers that utilize state-of-the-art Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) to continually draw away excess moisture from the skin/surface interface for microclimate management.
Low height integration favours safety and mobilisation
Integrated therapy systems combined with a low bed height position gives clinicians and patients a major advantage as they begin mobilisation activities.

The benefits of integration
Integration provides communication between the bed frame system and patient therapy system which delivers:

• One button CPR which delivers the CPR mode simultaneously to the mattress and the frame
• Automatic pressure compensation in the seat section when the head of bed is adjusted
• Restricts turning when the head of bed exceeds 30 degrees
• Restricts turning when one or more of the side rails is lowered

Additionally, the paired therapy system and bed frame offer bespoke mattress and frame design to help address entrapment concerns that result from using a frame and a mattress from two different suppliers

A common set of safety benefits integrated into the bed frame:
• Notification of patient movement via the VariZone Patient Movement Detection system
• The floor along the sides of the bed is illuminated by the underbed night light
• May help prevent objects or limbs being trapped underneath the bed frame as a result of the Anti-Entrapment System Citadel is also offered with an optional SafeSet® visual alerts system.

Easier maintenance
The common core design across the medical bed frame portfolio makes maintenance training and component stocking easier than it has ever been.

Practical infection control
The openly accessible components allow for easy cleaning and disinfection.

Manoeuvrability and safety
All Arjo bed frames are designed to be and easy to manoeuvre. They also come with standard safety features and control panels which take the guess work out of safe patient care.
Technical Information
Safe working load270 kg (595 lb)
Maximum patient weight227 kg (500 lb)
Overall length Position 2 (standard) 230 cm (90.6 in)
Overall length Position 3 (extended)242 cm (95.3 in)
Overall width103 cm (40.6 in)
Mattress length Position 2 (standard)

202 cm (80 in)

Mattress length Position 3 (extended) 

214 cm (84 in)

Mattress width

88 cm (35 in)

Mattress thickness

15 cm to 20.5 cm (6 in to 8 in) 

Overall Product weight (approx.)

200 kg (441 lb)

Mattress and control unit weight (approx)

Mattress 16 kg (35 lb)

Control unit 25 kg (55 lb)

Height Range (with 125mm / 5in castors)34 cm to 78 cm (13.3 in to 30.7 in)
Head / Foot down tilt angle 12o min 
Backrest angle 62o
Backrest pause30o 
Thigh angle20o
Calf angle16o
Power input

9.5A max at 115 VAC 60Hz
4.5A max at 230 VAC 50Hz 

Liquid ingress protectionIPX4
Electric shock protectionClass I type B
EMCComplies with EN 60601-1-2: 2002 and 2007  
Safety standards

ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1-2005 CAN/CSA
C22 2 no. 60601-1-DB IEC 60601-2-52-2009

Medical beds accessories Brochure

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Citadel Bed Frame System Instructions for Use

Citadel Bed Frame System Instructions for Use

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Citadel Patient Therapy System Instructions for Use

Citadel Patient Therapy System Instructions for Use

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Universal Medical Beds Platform Brochure Local translations

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