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The versatile height-adjustable shower and hygiene chair

This easy-to-use hygiene chair offers an efficient, safe and ergonomic solution for assisted showering, and other hygiene routines, such as hair washing, pedicure and toileting.

Designed to reduce the number of transfers required for assisted showering and hygiene, Carino enables a single caregiver to perform everyday hygiene tasks such as washing, toileting and foot care.

With Carino, showering and other hygiene routines can be carried out by one caregiver, thus facilitating personal one-to-one interactions.

Designed with Barbara and Carl in mind.
Height-adjustability combined with a patented curved frame provide comfortable positioning and support for the patient or resident, while allowing the carer to reach their preferred working height at all times.

Facilitates efficient showering routines
The patient or resident may remain seated in the Carino as they are transferred to and from the bedroom as well as for showering, toileting and other hygiene tasks, thus reducing the number of transfers required for daily hygiene routines.

Swing-away leg rests and rotating footplates
Patented leg rests provide adjustable support when resident’s legs are raised for hygiene tasks on the legs and feet, and can swing away to facilitate transfers, allow the resident to use the foot rests, or provide caregiver access to the patient’s lower body. When not in use, the foot rests can also be tucked away under the Carino to allow the caregiver to move freely around the device.

Suitable for mobility levels B and C.

Measurements and weights

Safe working load

308 lbs (140 kg)

Weight93 lbs (42 kg)
Lifting stroke (seat)23 2/3” (600 mm)
Seat height4-41 1/8” (1045 mm)
Chassis, max width24 3/4” (630 mm)
Width between legs17 3/8”
Total height of the lift, max61 2/9” (1555 mm )
Electrical Supply voltage24 V DC
Max power300 VA Battery NiMH
Protection ClassIP X4 (complete product)

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.