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“A great sense of loyalty and pride makes everyone go above and beyond”

For Thabile Sindane, it was Arjo’s superior equipment and the positive impact they have on quality of care and life that made him want to join the company. As Service Technician in South Africa, he now ensures optimal solution value for both caregivers and patients.


Since Thabile Sindane joined Arjo a few years ago, he has found many opportunities to get involved in different areas of the business.

“I have learnt many new things and continue to do so on a daily basis. Arjo has really contributed to my growth in terms of the different skills I have acquired within my job. Also on a personal level, the great team culture is very empowering. When I was going through a difficult period in my private life, my supervisor, manager and colleagues were very supportive.”

As a Service Technician, Thabile doesn’t only need to ensure that all equipment is up and running within a facility, but also to be the product expert and educate caregivers on site.

“When I’m out visiting customers, I represent an important part of their relationship with the Arjo organisation. Being at the care facility in their actual moment of need and providing a high level of service, gives me the opportunity to really make a difference. I’m proud to be part of the total Arjo offer, and being able to work actively on optimising customer value.”

Thabile also really appreciates the open and positive atmosphere in the team.

"In Arjo, the company culture encourages collaboration with all team members, regardless of level or role within the organisation. Almost on a daily basis, my colleagues go out of their way, and many times out of their scope of work, to collaborate in order to serve the greater needs of our customers and the entire organisation.”

For all employees at Arjo, Empowering Movement, is about creating optimal conditions for increased mobility in healthcare settings, benefitting both clinical and financial outcomes – but also empowering ourselves and each other, to share good energy and move forward together.


“A genuine care for people – allowing growth for individual potential”

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