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Productportfolio voor zorg aan mensen die leven met dementie


Het productportfolio van Arjo voor de zorg van mensen die leven met dementie

De zorg voor mensen die leven met dementie is een taak die dag en nacht doorgaat. Ons zorgvuldig geselecteerde portfolio voor de zorg van mensen met dementie kan u helpen bij het aanbieden van persoonsgerichte zorg aan zorgvragers, zoals transfers, wassen, douchen, baden en wellness. Onze oplossingen zijn geselecteerd op basis van hun eigenschappen om u te helpen het welzijn van uw zorgvragers te bevorderen en een huiselijke en vertrouwde omgeving te creëren en te handhaven. Bovendien hebben veel van onze oplossingen voor wellness belangrijke zintuiglijke functies zoals muziek, tactiele stimulatie, spa- en ontspanningstherapie.


Wellness Nordic Relax® Chair

The fully automated Wellness Nordic Relax Chair
combines music, tactile stimulation and a gentle rocking
motion to create a calm, multisensory experience.

Difficulties with communicating and performing everyday
routines can take a toll on people living with dementia. In
time, residents may develop responsive behaviours such
as aggression, restlessness, confusion and agitation, that
can affect the quality of life for the resident and can be a
challenge for carers.

Helping people with cognitive disorders relax through
soothing music and tactile stimulation can have a
beneficial effect on their wellbeing and quality of life.


A multipurpose hygiene chair that is height adjustable,
the Carendo allows a single carer to work in an ergonomic
position while supporting a dignified showering
experience for their resident.

The Carendo is designed to be used by one carer and
to offer good eye contact in both seated and reclining
positions, thereby improving the likelihood of one-to-one
engagement with the resident.

The design of the seat cushion is soft and easily moved
to provide comfort. The Carendo also enables physically
able residents the ability to participate in the activity.

Sara® Flex

Designed to make everyday tasks easier Sara Flex allows a
single carer to position a resident from a seated to a secure
and stable standing position in one ergonomic movement.

Enabling eye contact and with easy-to-use controls, it
ensures carers can interact closely with their residents. The
solution has been developed with aesthetic appeal in mind,
and contrasting colours to help patients patients identify
different parts.

Sara Flex promotes comfort and security throughout and at
the completion of the sit-to-stand movement. The flexible
silicone leg support is comfortable and supports the leg and
knee. It promotes participation of the persons living with
dementia and enables them to continue to engage muscles.

Sara® Stedy

Sara Stedy is a mobility-promoting support aid that can
support residents to stand up independently. It supports
participation of the person living with dementia and
enables them to continue to engage muscles.

It enables one carer to transfer patients safely and with
ease. The level of the user and carer offers good eye
contact to support resident-carer interaction.

Bad Rhapsody® & Primo®

The Rhapsody and Primo baths provide a range of options,
including Hydromassage and Sound & Vision™ features,
supporting you in creating a calm, multisensory bathing
experience. Fully height adjustable, they promote eye
contact and one-to-one interactions between carer and
resident. Accessed by ceiling lift, adjustable height bath
chair or bath trolley, the bathtubs can accommodate a wide
range of needs.

Bad Parker®

The Parker bath offers a range of options, such as Air Spa
and Sound & Vision™ features, which support you in
creating a calm, multisensory bathing experience. A single
carer can manage the entire Parker bathing cycle. The
combination of hand controls, a reclined bathing position
and height adjustability means the carer can always work
close to the resident.
Maxi Move


The MaxiMove is a sling lift designed to create a smooth
experience for residents during assisted transfer tasks. The
MaxiMove is designed to be operated by a single carer and
has different slings to support a comfortable transfer for a
wide range of residents.

Maxi Sky® 2

The Maxi Sky 2 is a ceiling lift system that provides
comfort for the patient during a transfer and a safe
working environment for the carer. The Maxi Sky 2
promotes one-to-one interactions between a single
carer and resident. A range of spreader bars and slings
also allow carers to tailor the support provided to each
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